Tangram – puzzle pieces placed or rearranged together for a specific result

Tangram Collective apply ‘Design Thinking’ to Branding and Marketing collateral.

We encourage and guide organisations to focus on the people they are creating for.

Tangram assist clients to develop or refine their brief, holistically for an entire brand or specifically for individual projects.

Upon the briefs development we strategise utilising our abductive reasoning. We explore the given problems and its context, re-interpret or restructure them to find suitable innovative/creative solutions to meet the needs of your customers.

One size does not fit all! Development and application of solutions is fit-for-purpose to generate the best outcomes. We use our creative tools to address the vast range of challenges.

Brand and Marketing collateral is now delivered across a huge variety of applications across print and digital media including: packaging, advertising, signage, websites, social media, apps, ecommerce.

We help identify and produce materials for the applications required.


If your organisation could benefit from our expertise we welcome your enquiry.


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